OOTD: Nude Bodysuit and Yeezys

It's almost like I'm on a blogging marathon. i've missed blogging so much and I want to shoot a different look for you all everyday until I've ran out of clothes. Today's look was pretty chill, I just ran a few errands and went to visit my mom with the dogs. So stay tuned and enjoy this look:

First, I just want to express how long and ratchet my braids are. They took like a week to do, but if you guys didn't know I did a super big chop last month so I'm all for protective styling for the rest of the summer. I'm also really enjoying no-makeup this summer. It's too hot anyway. 

So, my outfit was really chill today like I said. I'm just wearing a nude bodysuit with a pair of distressed black denim. You guys saw these jeans last Winter in a few OOTD. They are a staple in my closet and they are soooo easy to distress. I'm getting better at carrying purses, so I'm just wearing my small chainlink shoulder purse. For my shoes, just a pair of Yeezys to pull everything together. 

I think shoes make a big difference in an outfit. It really can pull everything together in a look. Especially if the colors are on point like today's look. 

Sometimes I try to pose and look super innocent, lol. But I had just woke up from an unexpected nap and I rushed out the house to shoot. I'm telling you guys, I'm on a marathon so I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying these looks. 

You guys probably don't even believe this outfit can be achieved for under $30 (minus the shoes). 

Really, this outfit could be wore anywhere. Even though I'm braless up top, it's put together appropiately so that it doesn't come off less appealing. Which is so important ladies. 

Details of this look can be found below. 


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