OOTD: Lemonade Top and Palazzo Pants

Wow, can you believe that it's August 1st already?! Where has the summer gone? Before we know it, it'll be time for pumpkin latte's and cozy colors. I can't wait. Until then, here's a summer look full of color for you guys. Enjoy:

So I did a little shopping over the weekend at TJ Maxx and of course I came out with some great goodies. This yellow top is everything for the Summer & it can be worn either off the shoulders or regular. The hem of the top is also flared out, but for this look I decided to tuck it in for a bodysuit type of look. You guys know I love bodysuits and off-the-shoulder tops.

The details of these pieces are absolutely to die for. The top has the perfect fringe hemming on the sleeves. It gives the shirt more character. You'll see later in the blog post that the pants have great details too. 

The pants are...pants, but the pants legs are open. But you put them on like pants. So at any given time you can just BAM...pop a leg out, 

A great substitute Birkenstock shoe can be found at Target for under $20. They aren't as comfortable, but they are still really cute. And who can't beat affordable shoes? I love sandals like these because they are extremely versatile and can be worn really with any outfit. I keep a pair at my front doors, always.

The detailing on the pants almost give it a 3D look. Especially with the pinstripe design. I love the colors navy blue and yellow together. I'm such a sucker for warmer colors, so I'm trying to wear more brighter colors for the rest of the summer. They look great on my melanin skin. 

For more details on this post, be sure to check at the end of the post. 

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OOTD: Striped Shorts and Plum Bodysuit

Hey everybody and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. So today's look is one of my favorite this summer because of the colors and patterns mixed together. This look also features some items that are on sale on Brandi's Closet. So be sure to give it a lot after this post. Enjoy:


So today was such a beautiful day outside. It wasn't extremely hot, but thank God is wasn't rainy like usual. Once again, I found my self downtown searching for new places to eat and enjoying summer in Athens. 


I wore a super comfy pair of striped shorts. They can be worn either high waisted or normal and I chose to wore my somewhere in between. So I decided to pair them with a bodysuit. It's a mock turtleneck bodysuit and I actually love it. It's on sale along with these shorts on Brandi's Closet. Don't miss out on this great Summer Sale guys!


I got this purse for a great deal at Old Navy at the beginning of the year for my Miami trip. I complete forgot I even had it. So many things are still hidden in my apartment from my move. But things are showing up more and more.


I love these Tory Burch sandals. They go with literally everything and they are so comfy. Tory Burch has sooooooo many different styles in sandals. And you know how sometimes sandals can be uncomfortable because of the quality? These are absolutely amazing. I can wear them around allllll day without any complaints. And that's what I love about a good pair of sandals. 


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Top get it here

Shorts get it here

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OOTD: Nude Bodysuit and Yeezys

It's almost like I'm on a blogging marathon. i've missed blogging so much and I want to shoot a different look for you all everyday until I've ran out of clothes. Today's look was pretty chill, I just ran a few errands and went to visit my mom with the dogs. So stay tuned and enjoy this look:

First, I just want to express how long and ratchet my braids are. They took like a week to do, but if you guys didn't know I did a super big chop last month so I'm all for protective styling for the rest of the summer. I'm also really enjoying no-makeup this summer. It's too hot anyway. 

So, my outfit was really chill today like I said. I'm just wearing a nude bodysuit with a pair of distressed black denim. You guys saw these jeans last Winter in a few OOTD. They are a staple in my closet and they are soooo easy to distress. I'm getting better at carrying purses, so I'm just wearing my small chainlink shoulder purse. For my shoes, just a pair of Yeezys to pull everything together. 

I think shoes make a big difference in an outfit. It really can pull everything together in a look. Especially if the colors are on point like today's look. 

Sometimes I try to pose and look super innocent, lol. But I had just woke up from an unexpected nap and I rushed out the house to shoot. I'm telling you guys, I'm on a marathon so I'm hoping that everyone is enjoying these looks. 

You guys probably don't even believe this outfit can be achieved for under $30 (minus the shoes). 

Really, this outfit could be wore anywhere. Even though I'm braless up top, it's put together appropiately so that it doesn't come off less appealing. Which is so important ladies. 

Details of this look can be found below. 


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OOTD: Off-the-Shoulder Top and Distressed Shorts

Hey everybody and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. So I went out today, with babe of course, to get some lunch and shop around a little. I put together this day-outfit and I'm super excited to share it. it's something a little different for me, so hopefully everyone likes it. Keep scrolling for today's OOTD:

I'm wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse that has some detailing on the arms. It's long-sleeved, but the openings on the arms and the airy fabric make it perfect for a summer day. It's actually a crop top so I paired it with a favorite pair of shorts and just tucked it in. That way everything tied together. 


I was a little skeptical about wearing these booties since usually they're for the winter, but what the hell. Who cares? They are super comfortable and went great with this look. I was going for a girly, day look. So this was perfect. 

Of course, I was carrying one of my favorite tote bags. It's great for my laptop, babe's camera and all my other neccesities for when I'm out blogging. 

You guys see the detailing on the top and it really kept me cool today. It was SOOOO hot. But, I felt like pairing this top and shorts was so perfect for today. It's just something about white and light denim. 

I'm getting into wearing sunglasses a lot more this summer which is such a surprise for me. These are a really inexpensive pair from Forever 21. 

Details on this outfit are below.


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Shoes (H&M, Fall season)

Bag get it here

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OOTD: Mom Jeans and Silk Bralette

OMG HEY GUYS! Welcome back to Brandi's Closet. So I've been gone a while and I am so happy to be back. Things are finally settling down in my life so I can finally give my all back to Brandi's Closet. If you all follow my social medias, you'll see that I have update the site and added the "Shop" feature to the site. So head over and check out some of the items that I've added. This OOTD features some of the items that are on sale on Brandi's Closet. Enjoy and welcome back:

OK guys, so this look is super chill and I was channeling my inner "woke" girl vibes. I'm wearing a pair of high waist "mom" jeans, a silk bralette as well as a extended flannel. In the Fall/Winter I wear it more so as a dress, but I thought this would be a really cute way to wear it in the Summer. Especially with a crop. And of course, I tied the outfit together with a pair of classic black and white Vans. 

So, I love this extended flannel. it's perfect for literally everything. It can easily be buttoned up for a dress, or left open for a coverup. 

This satin top is featured on the site and can be purchased in the shop section. It's a silky bralette and it has a zipper on the side to keep those girls in. I love wear cropped tops with high waist jeans. It really just pulls EVERYTHING together. 

You know, sometimes crop tops can be tricky because you don't know if you have to wear a bra or not. But luckily, this one is perfect for freeing the girls. It has the right amount of support.

So today me and babe just went downtown and had pizza. We pretty much we're just scouting out new places to shoot here in Athens. It's finally sunny and free of rain so we've been able to actually get out the house. 

I'm soooo happy to be back blogging for you all. I have missed everyone so much. There's so much in store for Brandi's Closet. I can't wait to continue to share with you guys. 

This outfit also has a lot of versatility. If I got too hot in the flannel, I could easily wear just the crop and jeans. Which is why it's so important to pair crop tops with appropriate pants. That way if you have to remove your jacket, you still look classy. 

Hope you all enjoyed this look, be sure to check out the shop. 


Silk Bralette get it here

Flannel Nordstrom Rack

Jeans get it here

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OOTD: Slit Dress and Vans

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. I have a look today that I love love love. I know sometimes people struggling with making all Black look good, or fashionable, but I want to show you all how I decided to do things:

So I was feeling really adventurist today with my style, I usually like to stay in my little bubble. But I wanted to play around with some pieces in my closet and I came up with this edgy college girl look. 

I'm wearing my favorite leather jacket, a really cute choker for $1.99 and the hair store and a turtleneck dress. 

So I'll probably be buried in a turtleneck, because that's how much I love them. I found this loose fitting turtleneck dress with a sexy slit in it. It's extremely comfortable and it looks great on anyone's body. 

I was very indecisive on where I wanted to take this look. But, I choose the sneaker route to end this look. My classic vans did me well with this look. It would look great with heels as well. But I have class from 9-4...heels were not the move for today's festivities. 

I threw on some wide frames and a super funky ponytail right at the top of my hair. Sometimes you have to be FUN with your fashion. It's how you express yourself. Remember that.

Check out this girly knee-slit and then BAM some skater shoes. HOW BOUDAHHHH?

I usually never take portait shots, because I know you all absoutely love my looks...but this my face and it's beautiful. 

One of my favorite looks, so far. Details below:


Jacket get it here

Dress BOBEAU from Nordstrom Rack

Shoes get it here

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OOTD: Black Bodysuit and Slid-Ons

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. This is another look I wore this week. Take a look:

I didn't have class, so I just wanted to wear something comfrotable and causual. 

These Steve Madden slip-ons are great for just slidding on and running out the door. You know the little socks that don't show? Yes, you need those with these shoes or your ankles will catch on fire. Please listen to me.

There are two things I love in my closet. Turtlenecks and bodysuits. This is just a basic bodysuit from Forever 21. And I paired with a pair of gray denim as well as a black snakeskin belt. I was going for a more minimalistic look, I'm liking that a lot more in the Winter months.

You won't believe these pants we're $15, see where below. 


Jeans get it here

Shoes get it here

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OOTD: "Girls Bite Back" Crewneck and Chunky Boot

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. So there was a beautiful thing that happened after NOT PRESIDENT OBAMA was inaugurated...Women, men and children of all ages, races and backgrounds came together to stand for what's right...Women's rights. I was so touched by the movement & the next day, I couldn't help but to be the best woman I could be.

So there's a beautiful mural in Little Five Points of women from history. So I got some great shots in. Because my girls got my back. 

So i'm wearing PINK. And my crewneck is from H&M and I feel like it was perfect for the occasion because yes, GIRLS BITE BACK. As women, we must realize that we are a lot more powerful that we believe. 

Sporting my favorite black denim, with some custom DIY knee-slits. It's was kind of gloomy today so I tossed on my go-to chunky boots and headed out the door. 


Crewneck get it here

Jeans get it here

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OOTD: Oversized Turtleneck and Adidas

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. This is a go-to look I always reach for. Chunky sweaters and sneakers. I just love the effortless look. Let's talk more:

So, if you know Georgia weather you know that it's never really cold or really hot in the Winter...It's just whatever we get for the day. So I really like to wear oversized and super thick sweaters because it keeps me warm enough for "Winter".

So if you're not a coat girl like me, I would just stock up on thick sweater. This one is kind of itchy, so I just pair it with a tshirt under. 

I just wore a simple pair of jeans from Forever 21. Their denim isn't my absolute favorite, but it's comfortable and inexpensive. 

Isn't it lovely? The super dramatic cuff and turtleneck is to die for. 

I also like how it's tapered in the front and long in the back. It just really gives me to comfort and "chillness". 

This Winter I'm really loving black, white and gray. Those three colors have been my go-tos this season. So I'm just sporting my black bag from H&M that I love and also my white Stan Smith's. 


Sweater TJMaxx

Jeans get it here

Shoes get it here

Bag get it here

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OOTD: Tan Leather & Chunky Boots

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. So today I finally got out the house for the week and I just ran a few errands and did a little more grocery shopping for the weekend. Yes, I am the one to wear heels into the grocery store. Let's see:

I really want to jump right in to these jeans. I got them for such a steal from Nordstrom Rack. They are Seven for All Mankind jeans & they have the cutest detailing on the side. My SDcard broke on me today, so these are iPhone shots. I'll try to post a detail shot on Instagram because I love them. Did I mention that full retail is $180 and I managed to catch them on sale for $12? 

I'm sporting a new leather jacket [I know finally]. I like this caramel color because it goes with my skin and it's great for Winter. So I paired a white bodysuit under it to complete the look. 

The detail of the jeans. That is all this picture is for. LOVE IT. 

I'm kind of going back and forth with finding how I want to do my blog post from now on including my food, beauty and fashion. If you all follow me on IG, you'll see that I have little blurbs under my pictures everyday which is like my daily blog post. So let me know either in the comments or on IG which you all like better. 


Bodysuit get it here

Jacket get it here

Jeans get it here

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