Blogging 101: Starting a Blog

So you want to be a blogger? You want to start a blog? But you don't know where to start and not many people are willing to help you like you wish....yes, I was in that same place almost one year ago. 

When I started Brandi's Closet almost a year ago, I was overwhelmed by how hard it was going to be. Starting a blog, building the website, maintaining viewers. None of my friends really had blogs at the time so I didn't know who to ask for help. But I then realized that sometimes you have to be your own help. And that is exactly why I'm where I am today. 

BUT, I don't want that to be where YOU are today. Because I want to help and inspire as many people as I can. 

I have grown to love blogging and all of the great things that it has brought me. So, I created this blog post not only to inspire but to answers all of the great questions I've gotten in regards to starting a blog and being a great blogger. Because my friends, there is a different.


You simply can not wake up one more blogging. Well, I guess you could. But what good would it be without any type of structure or strategic planning? The first thing I did was buy a notebook, a really cute notebook. I wrote down everything I wanted for my blog to be. The colors, the layout, the topics, who I wanted to reach as my target market. Planning is the most important step to me because that really sets the foundation of your blog. It's not just a one and done. Exit out now if that's what you think. 


See, you thought we were done planning...but no no baby. You must choose your platform. Some like to strictly use a website, others YouTube and Instagram. I decided to use a mix of platforms for my readers which ended up being a website and Instagram. It's important to find what you like and what's easy for you and go with that. 


Some bloggers like to choose a main theme for their blogs, maybe food or beauty. I decided to go with fashion, beauty and lifestyle because those are three things I'm super passionate about and I feel like I could write about it everyday all day. That's what you want, to be able to share what you love with everyone else. 


In a field that is constantly changing and seeming like what could be a competition, it's important to be yourself. Blogging is an outlet for YOU to write and express who you are and what you love. Stick to that. Some people often ask me how do I get so much great feedback, followers, etc..It's because my love and passion shows through my work and consistency. 


Remaining consistent is the first thing I always tell people who ask me about blogging. You have to find your constant and stick to it. There's no way people will take you serious if you don't continue to post and give them something to read. Sometime's you may have writer's block (which I have been working on this post for a few days) and that's okay, but what's important is that you find a way to remain consistent. 


Creating an amazing blog doesn't happen overnight, you grow with your blog. There are things that I didn't do when I first started, that I do now and vice versus. It's important to always want to grow within your blog and expand your brand in as many ways you can.


This probably could have been first, but when you want to blog (and take it serious), it is important to brand yourself. That includes cleaning up your social medias, creating a clear picture for your readers and remebering that you are your #1 brand ambassador. 

These are just some of the things i've found myself telling a lot of people and I wanted to put into a blog so it's easy to refer back to and read. These aren't all the keys to having a great blog and their are plenty more that I have to find out myself. But in the mean time, this is what has caused for Brandi's Closet to be the brand and blog that it is. Be sure to head to my instagram or twitter if you have anymore questions that I may have not answered.

With Love,