Blogging 101: Starting a Blog

So you want to be a blogger? You want to start a blog? But you don't know where to start and not many people are willing to help you like you wish....yes, I was in that same place almost one year ago. 

When I started Brandi's Closet almost a year ago, I was overwhelmed by how hard it was going to be. Starting a blog, building the website, maintaining viewers. None of my friends really had blogs at the time so I didn't know who to ask for help. But I then realized that sometimes you have to be your own help. And that is exactly why I'm where I am today. 

BUT, I don't want that to be where YOU are today. Because I want to help and inspire as many people as I can. 

I have grown to love blogging and all of the great things that it has brought me. So, I created this blog post not only to inspire but to answers all of the great questions I've gotten in regards to starting a blog and being a great blogger. Because my friends, there is a different.


You simply can not wake up one more blogging. Well, I guess you could. But what good would it be without any type of structure or strategic planning? The first thing I did was buy a notebook, a really cute notebook. I wrote down everything I wanted for my blog to be. The colors, the layout, the topics, who I wanted to reach as my target market. Planning is the most important step to me because that really sets the foundation of your blog. It's not just a one and done. Exit out now if that's what you think. 


See, you thought we were done planning...but no no baby. You must choose your platform. Some like to strictly use a website, others YouTube and Instagram. I decided to use a mix of platforms for my readers which ended up being a website and Instagram. It's important to find what you like and what's easy for you and go with that. 


Some bloggers like to choose a main theme for their blogs, maybe food or beauty. I decided to go with fashion, beauty and lifestyle because those are three things I'm super passionate about and I feel like I could write about it everyday all day. That's what you want, to be able to share what you love with everyone else. 


In a field that is constantly changing and seeming like what could be a competition, it's important to be yourself. Blogging is an outlet for YOU to write and express who you are and what you love. Stick to that. Some people often ask me how do I get so much great feedback, followers, etc..It's because my love and passion shows through my work and consistency. 


Remaining consistent is the first thing I always tell people who ask me about blogging. You have to find your constant and stick to it. There's no way people will take you serious if you don't continue to post and give them something to read. Sometime's you may have writer's block (which I have been working on this post for a few days) and that's okay, but what's important is that you find a way to remain consistent. 


Creating an amazing blog doesn't happen overnight, you grow with your blog. There are things that I didn't do when I first started, that I do now and vice versus. It's important to always want to grow within your blog and expand your brand in as many ways you can.


This probably could have been first, but when you want to blog (and take it serious), it is important to brand yourself. That includes cleaning up your social medias, creating a clear picture for your readers and remebering that you are your #1 brand ambassador. 

These are just some of the things i've found myself telling a lot of people and I wanted to put into a blog so it's easy to refer back to and read. These aren't all the keys to having a great blog and their are plenty more that I have to find out myself. But in the mean time, this is what has caused for Brandi's Closet to be the brand and blog that it is. Be sure to head to my instagram or twitter if you have anymore questions that I may have not answered.

With Love,


Eating Healthy as a Lifestyle & Then Some

Hey everyone and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. First thing's first, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm so excited for what this new year has in store for me. I feel like it's filled with tons of opportunities and new beginnings. Although this blog post is somewhat about eating healthy, I wanted to include some other things I'm doing this year in order to prepare for a new lifestyle i'm creating for myself. So this blog post is composed of a few things I'm starting this year and I wanted to share them with you all. Also some tips and inspirations on how you can incorporate new things into your current or even new lifestyle. Let's get right to it:

1. Religion

I am a woman of God and I was raised in a Christian family where I got slapped for making my mama late to church. Since those times, I have learned to 1. be on time to church and 2. go to church for my growth in Christ and not my mothers. So this year, I'm personally affirming that I will grow in Christ and have a relationship with him like never before. Sometime's Christians get discouraged because a relationship with Christ seems so far fetched. But, in complete honesty it is the first and best relationship you should have with anyone. God will really lead your life in places where you never thought you would be once you allow for him to. My pastor shared 4 really important key notes for his New Years sermon and I want to share them with you along with some bible verses to go along. I can't create the relationship you need with Christ, but I can do my part to guide you a direction that worked for me.

2017 is a significant and anointed moment for the body of Christ. Psalms 102:1

Our set time for moving forward and overcoming has come. Psalms 102:13

Do not....DO NOT get distracted by global challanges or personal issues. Isaiah 60:1-5

This is the year to dream again. Isaiah 43:18

As you grow in Christ, you'll see peace in places unimaginable. 

2. Yoga/Exercise

Speaking of peace, I have found a new love for yoga as well as conventional exercising. I believe that it is important to work out and take care of your body on a physical level as well as a spiritual level. I found a really great place in the Atlanta area called Westside Yoga where they offer introductory classes for people like myself who have never done yoga before. I found out that yoga was something for me from looking on Instagram. I got so inspired because I active women like myself finding peace in yoga. I also want to remain healthy this year and what better way to do that than to exercise in some way shape or form. I'm not some personal trainer with a pHD, but these are some tips I have for either exercising or yoga, they are one in the same:

1. TAKE YOUR TIME. This is not a race or a competetion. This is a way to feel better and look better on a time that is good for you. So let the clock run, take your time and really find a regime that works for you because if you don't it simply won't work for you. For me, I do yoga 5 days a week, exercise conventionally once a week and rest one day. Some weeks vary because of my work schedule.

2. DO THIS FOR YOU. Don't do this for you followers or for you friends. Do this because you want to be fit and you want to look good. It's a great way to loose weight and look good for Spring break, but what after Spring break? Will you still have that drive to look good? Or will it not matter? Those are things to take into consideration.

3. SET SMALL GOALS FOR YOURSELF. There's no way to loose weight over night, no matter what the blogs say...this is something that takes time and disciple. So set small goals for yourself overtime and watch the results that you want unfold. 

4. SHOP FOR NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES. This is all about your personal preferences and budget. But I know that when I buy new workout clothes I feel so motivated because my outfits match and my shoes are fresh. Some of my favorite places to get workout gear are Lululemon, Forever 21 Active and Old Navy.

3. Blogging/Business

This is the meat of my life. Well....not exactly the "meat", but I'll get to that. In March of 2016 I launched Brandi's Closet, which you all know is a fashion, lifestyle and everything in between blog. I've always love reading and writing and I have always loved fashion. I ran tired of "blogging" just on IG. I needed more, which is when I decided to invest in myself and start the website. Since then I've have thousands of viewers, new subscribers everyday and great feedback. I've even seen a dramatic growth in the people around me that blog. I didn't know that me doing something that I love would turn into a world that I would soon fall in love with. Blogging is always easy as 1..2..3..especially in the day we live in. I have so many great things in store this year for Brandi's Closet and I can not WAIT for you all to see what's in store. Stay posted.

And for all my followers who are looking into starting blogging...this is the best time to do so. It's  a great community of women and men like myself that want to help and inspire you. Be yourself, find your niche & change that .wordpress to a .com

4. Diet

NOW HERE BEHOLDS THE NOT SO MEAT OF MY LIFE. I have made a long and overdue decision to better my life in more ways than one. One of the ways I decided to better my life was to completely change my diet. I've went on diets before, cut out certain foods and beverages. But this time its different. I was speaking to one of my followers on twitter and she asked me, "Well how do you do it?" and my response was the same response I gave myself that being to just do it. There's no repercussions to face from eating better. I have now decided to be a vegetarian after quite a bit of research and minor influence of some of my favorite Instagrammers. It's been about a week and I feel better than ever. i'm finding so many ways to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet than ever before. Being a vegetarian isn't for everyone, but I believe that it's for me at this time in my life. I feel more free and...i don't even know. I feel amazing and I can't wait to see where this takes me. So my twitter follower asked me a few questions and I'm going to re answer them here so that if you are wondering if you should start a new lifestyle choice when it comes to your diet, you'll have a few answers:

Fill me in on how you eat healthy, I'm trying but I seem to fail at it.

It's a mental thing. i always wanted to eat healthy, but it never worked because I treated it like a diet. You have to treat and acknowledge it as a lifestyle. 

When I go out I eat healthy (sometimes) but I want to become more strict with it. What was the first thing you started off doing?

I just started to cut things out of my diet. I didn't go cold turkey. But first was soda and red meat like hamburger and steaks. And now I'm cutting out excessive sugars and incorporating a lot more veggies. 

I want to try it out, but I don't want to get off track. 

That's why I say that it's important to make sure it's something you mentally want to do because before I made it like a mental decision I would get off track too. 

Like with anything, start slow and find out what works best for YOU. For more about my new diet,  check my social medias or ask me questions on their. I'm an open book. 


This is all about new beginnings. Some people are against changing and revamping themselves and the environment around them, especially around new years. But, I am more than excited to take you all on this journey with me. I'll link my social medias below that way you can get an everyday taste. 

Twitter: thatgiiiirl_

Instagram: BrandisCl0set

With love,


Date Night: A Night at the Museum

Hey everybody and welcome back to Brandi's Closet. Today I went on a really cool date to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. There was an event that they host on ever First Friday of the month where they have tons of little activities to do for FREE. And admission to the museum is pretty inexpensive too. The vibe was so amazing and chill. There was really nice music and everyone was just chilling. Of course I went with Andre & it was our first time going. Take a look at some of the art we [Andre] took & enjoy this blog post.

We are that couple that takes nice pictures in mirrors.

I'm obsessed with color scales seriously.

Another one. 

"Baby try to get me looking at the art!" When I looked close at the art it was amazing because you could really see each stroke of paint. 

We found a little red door and I was feeling creative BEHIND the lens.

The art here was so amazing and the vibe was incredible. If you're in the Atlanta area be sure to check out the High Museum of Art

Hair Cheat: DIY Headwraps

Hey everyone, welcome back to Brandi's Closet blog. Today's post is all about my head wraps that I wear in between styles and when I honestly don't wanna do my hair. I will be selling them on Brandi's Closet for you all to order and have for yourself. 

These head wraps are super easy to wear and great for "bad" hair days or when my natural ladies are in between styles. They are extremely lightweight and can come in many different textures and colors. 

Be on the lookout for these on Brandi's Closet to shop these head wraps next week!

Thanks for reading everyone. Until next time, xoxo

Young Atlanta Fashion Show

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Brandi's Closet. Over the weekend I went to the Young Atlanta Fashion Show and I wanted to share with you guys some shots from the show. My outfit from the show will be on the Style tab so be sure to check that out.

The experience of the fashion show was great. I went with Christian and we had such a great time networking with other fashion enthusiast. We met so many young people that loved to do the same thing that we love to do. 

The venue itself was also beautiful and although I've passed this museum so many time on so many different occasions, I was soooooo taken away by how beautiful it actually was.

As some of you may know, I am in school currently for my degree in Fashion Merchandising and I also have 3 other years of education with Fashion Marketing and as far as the fashion aspect of the show went, I was very disappointed. I wanted to get a lot more footage of the pieces and the runway..but in my personal opinion the designers didn't represent "young Atlanta" as it should have. I was impressed with a few designers and that was because of their creativity, their diversity and the quality of their work. 

Great experience overall. But I wanted and expected so much more from such a reputable name. 

Natural Hair Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you all a product review on my current favorite line of natural hair products. I recently went natural about 4 months ago and I must say, I'm absolutely in love with my hair more than I have ever been. With the help of these amazing products I have been able to wear my natural curls and keep my hair healthy. As an additional bonus, it smells great. 

When I first "went natural" I spent endless hours on Youtube watching hair videos and looking and all these naturalnistas with these amazing curls and I thought to myself, "Wow! I'll never be able to do that!" and that was only because I didn't know how to or what products would work for my kinky curly 4C hair. After my big chop and Youtube session, my first stop was Walmart's hair section. I was so excited to buy a whole bunch of new products and I decided to try this product line first and if it didn't work I would move down the line with a new product. That never happened. I've been using Cantu Shea Butter for about four months now and not only do I love what this product has done for my hair, but my hair is loving is too. I've seen so much growth and overall good health since I've been using this product. 

Cantu has endless products for everything you may need on your natural hair journey, from curl pudding to leave in conditioner and even a great co-wash. Some natural hair products can be pricey and without knowing if the hair product works for you, or if you even like it, you can easily be throwing your hard earn money right into your trash can. One thing I've learned is DO NOT BECOME A PRODUCT JUNKY. Sometimes products don't mix, aren't good for your hair type and simply just don't do anything spectacular. I personally found a brand of hair products that I fell in love with on my first try and I am sooooooo lucky for that. 


I haven't bought everything from the line yet, because the combination of the things I have are working great for me. You natural and transitioning ladies should for sure give this product a try because I did and I don't know what I would do without them. 

My current favorites:

Sulfate-free Cleaning Cream Shampoo

Sulfate-free Hydrating Cream Conditioner

Coconut Curling Cream (great for protective styles)

Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist (need extra shine, use this everyday)

Complete Conditioning co-wash

Extra Hold Edge stay gel (combined with eco-style gel, this works wonders)

Leave In Conditioning lotion

Be on the lookout for more hair and beauty posts ♥


Welcome back to Brandi's Closet

It's been such a long time since I have been able to talk to all of my readers and followers. With that being said this is a warm and long overdue welcome BACK to Brandi's Closet. As you guys have noticed there have been many changes to the site and I wanted to give everyone who's been following the blog a run down of what's been going and what is to come with Brandi's Closet. Stay tuned ♥

First and foremost, we're using a new website server that allows me to customize and create the perfect website for you all to enjoy. This new website is a lot more functional and I believe that you all will have a lot more fun being able to click around and see far more aspects of the site than ever before.

Second, Brandi's Closet is branching out to more than just clothes and what I'm wearing each day. I wanted to create an outlet that surpasses all of everyone's needs. Whether you're looking for a new way to eat healthy in college or wanting to read up on another blogger, I want to be able to have that here on Brandi's Closet along with my outfit post that everyone loves as well. 

In addition to more of a variety with content, Brandi's Closet will also be incorporating Youtube videos into the site that way you guys can get a visual other than photos and I think it'll be a great way to further interact with everyone. My Youtube channel will be dedicate to everything from the blog PLUS more. I'll mention a lot more of that with the launching of the channel. 

When I first started out blogging, so many of my readers would ask me where I got my clothes from in any given post and sometimes the piece that I was wearing would no longer be available for purchase. There will now be an option to "Shop Brandi's Closet" and that'll be full of pieces from previous outfit posts, DIY headwear and anything I can get my hands on that you guys may want to buy. 

With that being said, welcome to the new and improved Brandi's Closet. Have a look around and be sure to check back daily for even newer surprises and content.

With love,

Brandi xoxo ♥